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п»їHow to iron clothes without using the iron |
It is very common to have wrinkles on the clothes but not have enough time to iron the garment with what this means (take out the table, wait for the iron to be hot, etc.) There are some tricks that can help us solve this situation . Then we reveal the best ones so you do not leave the house again with wrinkled clothes.
Tricks to remove wrinkles from clothes without using the iron Dryer If you have a dryer, this can be a good option not only to dry your clothes quickly but also to iron your clothes. Place the wrinkled clothes in the dryer drum and with a medium temperature program, let the dryer act for fifteen minutes. To ensure optimal ironing you should also include an ice cube inside the drum. With the temperature, this will turn into steam and help the dryer eliminate wrinkles from clothes. Once the fifteen minutes have elapsed and you take the clothes out of the dryer, hang it up immediately or otherwise, wrinkles can return.
Spray against wrinkles There is a product that is not difficult to find in drugstores and that consists of an aerosol capable of removing wrinkles from clothes in a very effective way. You just have to hang the garment outside (on the balcony or terrace so that the product does not spoil your furniture) spread it well and apply the product all over the surface where the wrinkles are. Leave the product to act for five minutes, preferably drying in the sun and ready to leave the house without wrinkles.
Pot or small saucepan If we need a quick and effective solution without a doubt it is to use a small pot or saucepan instead of cooking to iron the clothes. Heat it in the fire for a few seconds and run it across the surface of the garment extended on a flat surface. It is more comfortable than ironing because the saucepan heats up much earlier and easy to handle because the handle is very useful for handling it above the garment.
Hair iron If the wrinkle is located and is near the central neck or sleeves, another option is to iron the garment with a hair iron. It is quite useful because we can take advantage of the fact that we have ironed our hair and the iron is hot to remove an annoying wrinkle from the collar of a shirt or cuffs. In addition, the hair iron works exactly like a clothes iron since it reaches practically the same temperature, so the wrinkle will not appear again.
Elegance is measured in wrinkles. Regardless of the trick you use to leave the house without wrinkles it is very important to always be well dressed. Wrinkles give a very bad image of us with respect to third parties and it is very important to be impeccable especially if we want to make a good impression. So you know if you do not want to use the iron, you have no excuse to leave without wrinkles at home.

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